Beaded Artwork
     Bead Creations
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    One of the most amazing things you will see in the world of beads is beaded art. Not just beads made into sculptures but pictures made with beaded. The detail is absolutely amazing. The artist who does these pictures has a great talent; it takes a lot of work, a lot of patience and a lot of attention to detail. There is art work of pictures of turtles, beach scenes; art deco and a lot of African masks are made from beads. There are some talented people who can do entire dolls made from beads.

There are some beaded pictures that look like something you would do with needle point. You can buy kits in hobby stores that have a layout of a picture and they provide the beads and you make the picture with the beads. Then you can frame it or give as a gift. You can either follow the color scheme or go off and choose your own colors, it is fun and you can do it with your kids.

Then you have the more traditional beaded accessories like the beaded Indian pouches, back in the day Indians used a lot of beads in their clothing, headdresses and pouches. Turquoise is a very popular color among Indians. It seems traditional for them and beaded Turquoise is just exquisite.
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