Beaded Bracelets
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    Beaded bracelets are the second most popular piece of beaded jewelry next to the beaded necklace. There are many different varieties of the beaded bracelet. One truly beautiful beaded bracelet is the Citrine, aventurine and chrysolite handmade bracelet. The bracelet is made of a citrine dyed bead as the center piece of the bracelet and then it is surrounded with aventurine rounded beads with one flat faceted amazonite bead and Swarovski crystal. It is rather beautiful and very inexpensive.

Another great beaded bracelet is the Swarovski crystal pink bracelet. This bracelet is made from metal flowers with beautiful pink and rose colored Swarovski crystals and a matte green Delica seed beads. This is a stretch bracelet so it does not have a catch. Very beautiful and very inexpensive.

Most beaded bracelets have beautiful colors added to them. The Black aqua memory wire beaded bracelet is no different. This is a handmade bracelet that is made from 4mm black glass beads, 6mm aqua colored glass beads and 8 tow toned Czech fire polished glass beads. This bracelet is very flexible and will maintain its shape.

There is no clasp necessary on this bracelet. Beaded bracelets are very inexpensive and they come in many beautiful colors. You can find beaded jewelry in all small jewelry counters in malls or in such stores as Wal-Mart or Target.
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