Beaded Necklaces
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    Beaded necklaces are one of the most popular types of beaded jewelry there is today. Years ago, African women used to wear beaded necklaces in their tribes and back in Ancient Egypt, royalty wore the beaded necklaces as well. Today, beaded necklaces can be made of just plain glass beads or they could have some color and used in combination with other beads and gems. Many of the popular beaded necklaces are called nine strand beaded necklaces. These can come in all one color or maybe have some pearls or ruby pieces along the way.

There are necklaces that are 14 karat gold with beads and coral combined, together they make a good looking combination. The necklace is made of red beads and red coral and the strand of the necklace is in a twist. It is a one of a kind necklace and it is something you may not think of, but it is beautiful.

Another different style of necklace is the multi colored beaded necklace, this necklace is basically white beads with different colored beads every couple of spaces. This necklace will go with any color outfit and it is elegant yet fun because of the colors that are incorporated into the necklace. There are so many beaded necklaces to choose from. They are not very expensive so you may be able to expand or even begin a collection.
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