Specialty Beads
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    In addition to many different types of classic beads like the rounded smooth beads or the colored beads that are used for jewelry. There are other types of beads called specialty beads that are not on the common bead list. These beads are imported beads that you can get from specialty stores and not commonly found in the local hobby shop. These types of beads are used to make exotic looking jewelry and they can be used for a different style of clothing or handbags.

These beads are called Venus beads, Venetian beads, Murano beads, Sommerso beads and Zanfirico beads just to name a few. You can find these beads either in a specialty store or more commonly they can be found online for a cheaper price. You can decorate all kinds of things with these beads like lamp shades, pillows, sneakers and your own personal creations.
The specialty beads can come in all shapes and sizes and many different colors and shadings. If you go online and find an example of the specialty bead and then a sample of a smooth color bead you can see the different in the coloring, shading, the shape and the texture. Some people prefer to use these types of beads rather than the standard because it brings new perspective on the piece you are working on. If you are using these as inventory on a small business then your customers will see a marked difference.
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