How To Make Your Own Jewelry
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    Making your own beaded jewelry can be fun; it lets your creative side come out as well as your artistic side. You can choose your own size beads, the material they are made of and the colors which really make the piece of jewelry. You can make bracelets, watches, necklaces, wristbands, headbands and rings. The color scheme and designs are endless. In the kits you get the wire or chain depending on what type of kit you get. You get the crimper and pliers to put the beads onto the jewelry and you get the beads.

You can make holiday jewelry, there are kits that have Christmas colored beads so you can design a piece of jewelry for the occasion, stores also have kits for the Fourth of July as well. There are seasonal kits, winter colors like white and ivory color beads, greens and reds as well. For summer jewelry there are blues, pinks, yellows, light purples and pastels. For the fall there are brown, gold, red and orange beads.

Some kits that have plain wire threaded beads and some kits allow for more creativity. There are watch kits that have 3 or 4 rows of small beads for the bands, there are kits that have double beads, snowflake designs, bubble beads and kits to make rings those can be a little trickier. By buying these kits you have already expressed a desire to be creative and if you do one and you like it, this can become a hobby or may be a small little business venture.
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