Bulk Beads
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    If you are looking to get into the hobby of making items with beads, not just jewelry but clothing, hair accessories, handbags and other beaded objects, you may want to save a little money by buying your beads in bulk. They are cheaper and there are actually more of a selection if you buy in bulk. There are many places where you can buy beads either in regular stores such as Michaelís, Frankís Nursery, Wal-Mart and local hobby stores. Or you can shop online, the prices are cheaper and there is more of an inventory when you shop on line.

There are websites all over the web where you can buy beads in bulk and they have almost every kind of bead you can think of. There are flower beads, oval beads, glass beads, crystal beads, and two tones, bumpy, smooth, animal beads such as fish, frog and bugs. They have any color that you choose, metal beads, big hole, little hole and lampshade beads. There are beads big enough that even a child can put them on the strings.

Bulk beads are great because you can do more than one project and not have to worry whether or not you have enough beads. If you are starting a small business venture with these beads, you will have a good size inventory and if you shop online, some online stores will give you a discount on top of already low prices. So you get better pricing if you shop online.
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