Beads are small decorative objects that are used for threading or stringing. Beads may also be molded onto a thread while being created. These types of beads are known for the beaded necklaces used in Carnival and Mardi Gras. There are many different sizes of beads, they range from under a millimeter to over a centimeter and some may be bigger. Beads are also made from different types of materials and you may have thought that were only made of plastic.

The most common materials of beads are glass, plastic and even stone but they can also be made from bone, animal horns, ivory, metal, shell, pearls, coral, gemstones, polymer clay, metal clay and resin. But those are just the natural material; beads are also manufactured in synthetics such as wood, ceramic, plastic, fiber, plastic and seeds.

Beads are most commonly seen in jewelry but beads are also used in clothing, footwear and handbags. There are different types of beads there are ethnic beads, seed beads, lead crystal beads, pressed glass beads and lead crystal beads. Beads are worn as hair accessories, they can be found in a lot of wedding accessories as well. Beading jewelry can be fun. They make bead kits for children so they can be creative and create some great jewelry. Check your local retail store and hobby stores. For the bead kits for kids you can find them in your local toy store.